Getting a tour of Sunline Transit as part of a fuel cell bus workshop hosted by SunLine, AC Transit, California Hydrogen Business Council and the California Fuel Cell Partnership. #TheOtherElectricBus #CoachellaValley #Coachella

The German-American Chamber of Commerce will host a briefing on the use of green hydrogen in buildings in California and beyond.

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I plan to work closely w. my Hydrogen Committee members & @HydrogenCa partners on the proposed #CABudget to ensure funding for all hydrogen fuel cell vehicles & necessary infrastructure to meet our #zeroemission goals.

@JoshNewmanCA @Bob4Senator @QuirkSilva65th @CAgovernor @CaFCP @CAHydrogen @HydrogenCa @Go_CTE @ANativeAngeleno I’m a CA resident & drive a #hydrogen EV. These are great and very useful bcoz of their 5 min refueling, long range & work well for condo/apt dwellers. They can help to decarbonize transport- so building #hydrogen infra quickly is critical! Thank you for fighting #ClimateCrisis!

CA will not meet its zero-emission vehicle goals *unless* drivers are able to fuel quickly & drive long ranges — benefits of hydrogen EVs.

@Bob4Senator, @QuirkSilva65th & I are calling for investments in infrastructure to support the expansion of hydrogen cars. 🚙

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