Join @EuroconventionGlobal for #RENPOWER as hydrogen leaders and organizations from all over the Americas and Europe share their views on Scaling-up Renewable Hydrogen in LATAM #Hidrogeno #GreenHydrogen #renewableenergy #LATAM

TOMORROW: PDC will be hosting a webinar on Industrial and Specialty gas - REGISTER NOW to reserve your spot by clicking this link:

"The European Commission now considers clean hydrogen so important that it will present a dedicated EU hydrogen strategy alongside its EU energy sector integration strategy expected on June 24."

We will now be working with major truck dealerships to sell and service Nikola trucks. This is incredible news and I believe will create a great cash flow and backlog of Nikola trucks on order.

NFCRC Director Jack Brouwer discusses the path to a 100% renewable future by utilizing curtailed renewable energy sources to make hydrogen and the critical role fuel cells will play in the future grid. Complete video here:

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