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The CHBC is currently managed by Board Chair Lauren Skiver, supported by Deputy Director Emanuel Wagner, Policy Director Sara Fitzsimon Nelson, and Development Specialist Cory Shumaker for support of specific market sector activities.

Getting a tour of Sunline Transit as part of a fuel cell bus workshop hosted by SunLine, AC Transit, California Hydrogen Business Council and the California Fuel Cell Partnership. #TheOtherElectricBus #CoachellaValley #Coachella

The German-American Chamber of Commerce will host a briefing on the use of green hydrogen in buildings in California and beyond.

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I plan to work closely w. my Hydrogen Committee members & @HydrogenCa partners on the proposed #CABudget to ensure funding for all hydrogen fuel cell vehicles & necessary infrastructure to meet our #zeroemission goals.

@JoshNewmanCA @Bob4Senator @QuirkSilva65th @CAgovernor @CaFCP @CAHydrogen @HydrogenCa @Go_CTE @ANativeAngeleno I’m a CA resident & drive a #hydrogen EV. These are great and very useful bcoz of their 5 min refueling, long range & work well for condo/apt dwellers. They can help to decarbonize transport- so building #hydrogen infra quickly is critical! Thank you for fighting #ClimateCrisis!

CA will not meet its zero-emission vehicle goals *unless* drivers are able to fuel quickly & drive long ranges — benefits of hydrogen EVs.

@Bob4Senator, @QuirkSilva65th & I are calling for investments in infrastructure to support the expansion of hydrogen cars. 🚙

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