Our Vision

CHBC is committed to advancing the commercialization of hydrogen and fuel cells in the energy and transportation sectors to achieve California’s climate, air quality, and decarbonization goals.

Our Mission

Provide clear value to our members and serve as an indispensable and leading voice in promoting the use of hydrogen and fuel cells in the energy and transportation sectors in California and beyond

Our Principles

  1. Leadership
  2. Integrity
  3. Teamwork
  4. Inclusion

Our Objectives

  1. Enhance market commercialization through effective advocacy and education of policymakers and policy influencers
  2. Be “the” trusted “go to” resource on Hydrogen and Fuel Cell technology for policymakers and policy influencers
  3. Accelerate market growth via networking opportunities and information exchange for the industry and its customers

Our Core Strengths

  1. Experts in developing, evaluating and communicating legislative and regulatory policy to promote the commercialization of the hydrogen and fuel cell industries;
  2. Respected Sacramento based advocate for the industry and our members;
  3. Technical depth in energy market design, renewable hydrogen production, hydrogen pipeline blending, hydrogen storage and distribution, and all segments of the fuel cell electric (FCE) on-road and off-road transportation markets;
  4. Analysis and dissemination of key industry policy to members, decision makers, opinion leaders and other influencers, emphasizing hydrogen as a zero-emission, renewable energy solution;
  5. Facilitating industry networking and the exchange of information among our members to enhance connectivity within the hydrogen and fuel cell industry;
  6. Supporting the acceptance, safe development and commercialization of hydrogen and fuel cell technology;
  7. Delivering measurable value to our members.

Thank you @SecGranholm for highlighting #hydrogen as a key tool to acheive decarbonization and #energysecurity. https://t.co/NJCjW2GOLI

Huge victory for H2 drivers! @JoshNewmanCA’s SB 1329, which will fund the building of more hydrogen fueling stations, passed the Asm Natural Resources cmte! We couldn't have done it without your support. Send your support letter for the final committee 👉 https://t.co/OT1r4N3qSB

Natural gas infrastructure acts as an accelerator for the hydrogen economy due to the abundant supply of natural resources with the opportunity to convert gas molecules into hydrogen closest to where it’s needed.

#energytransition #h2revolution


Replacing fossil fuels in industrial processes is crucial to end our dependence on Russian energy supplies by 2030.

It would also strengthen our industrial competitiveness and support international technology leadership.

How do we plan to achieve it? ⬇️


Clean hydrogen offers solutions to energy storage and to decarbonizing high-emitting industries like manufacturing and heavy-duty transportation. Coordinated action from businesses and governments can secure a net-zero economy fueled by clean hydrogen. https://t.co/sLRYckNsUb

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